Author: Ryan

  • Create a simple NGINX Ingress Controller in Azure AKS

    Create a simple NGINX Ingress Controller in Azure AKS

    Wow, it’s been a hot minute. I don’t usually blog, but after starting a new role at Microsoft, I’ve been hitting the learning path hard. I’ve been quite familiar with docker for a while, but Kubernetes is something I’ve been sinking my teeth into the past couple months. After spinning up on-prem clusters at home,…

  • Fixing large image upload timeouts on WordPress

    Just to clarify, this is specifically for WordPress (version 5.8 in my case) running on Ubuntu and Nginx. To follow up on my post from the other day, while I was able to get the image to at least finally able to get an image uploaded, it seemed it was still mostly a miss when…

  • Install ImageMagick for PHP 7.4 on Ubuntu 18.04

    Long story short, my fiance just got a new Galaxy S21 Ultra. Yes, the one with the 108MP camera. That means we’re getting pictures that are 20-40MB in size in most cases. Of course, that increased picture size causes issues with uploading and image post-processing in WordPress. I was getting the following error even for…

  • It’s a Proud Day

    It’s a Proud Day

    Money well spent. The older one had some complaining, the younger one enjoyed it, surprisingly.

  • Amazon S3 .NET SDK File Code Example

    Amazon S3 .NET SDK File Code Example

    I was having a difficult time finding an example of working with S3 files using the .NET SDK. There are examples, but they did not include how to authenticate the client. As someone completely new to working with S3 (particularly the SDK), I wasn’t sure exactly how to initialize my client instance with my credentials,…

  • Joining (large) rooms in Matrix/Synapse is a pain

    Joining (large) rooms in Matrix/Synapse is a pain

    This is the first of #100DaysToOffload, so I figured I’d start off complaining. I love self-hosting. Not only for the privacy aspect, nor for just the support of (mostly) FOSS projects, but because I just love to tinker. I have a home-built desktop with a modest 32GB of memory that I use to host several…

  • BWI Trail

    BWI Trail

    The boys at least seemed to enjoy the 10.8 mile trek around the airport. It had it’s moments, but overall they got through it. They loved the overpasses, but hated the uphill parts.

  • Share Dependency Resolvers between MVC and Web API

    I was messing around with a web project last week that required the use of MVC 5 and Web API in the same application. I was also experimenting with Unity, as it was my first time and had usually chosen something like MEF or StructureMap to handle my dependencies. Previously, I also went the “classic”…

  • Dependency injection out-of-the-box with ASP.NET 5

    Dependency injection out-of-the-box with ASP.NET 5

    I recently wrote a blog post about sharing Dependency resolvers between MVC and Web API, but I got excited to see this article from MSDN today. I’m a huge proponent of Dependency Injection to decouple service and the pluggable architecture it brings, so I’m glad to see if taking a front row seat in the upcoming .NET framework. The…