Dependency injection out-of-the-box with ASP.NET 5

I recently wrote a blog post about sharing Dependency resolvers between MVC and Web API, but I got excited to see this article from MSDN today. I’m a huge proponent of Dependency Injection to decouple service and the pluggable architecture it brings, so I’m glad to see if taking a front row seat in the upcoming .NET framework.

The article cites a handful of the types of instances it creates: singleton, scoped, transient, and “DIY” (instance) and their corresponding methods of creation (uncommented below for demonstrations purposes only). The linked article talks about these types of instances in greater detail.

namespace WebDemo
    public class Startup
        public void Configure(IBuilder app)
            app.UseServices(services =>
                // Instance
                services.AddInstance<IRepository>(new DataRepository { Data = "Initialized from global" });
                // Transient
                services.AddTransient<IRepository, DataRepository>();
                // Singleton
                services.AddSingleton<IRepository, DataRepository>();
                // Scoped
                services.AddScoped<IRepository, DataRepository>();

And without any other configuration, aside from the omitted/unrelated configuration for enabling MVC in the Katana Startup class, we magically have a constructor-injected instance!






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