Windows 10 Start Menu won’t search executables


UPDATE 6/1/2017 - The issue persists. Oh whale...

UPDATE 8/18/2016 - Seems this is still an issue, even after the infamous Anniversary Update. Still having to resort to pointing-and-clicking instead of typing. Grr.

I’ve been running the Windows 10240 RTM since it came out a couple weeks ago, and while I’ve been enjoying all the new features, there’s one jarring change that I’ve noticed from previous versions. The change involves the (lack of) ability to search for executable files (.exe) or even pinned executable files (using the “Pin to Start” feature) from the Start Menu.

My gripe is due to my collection of portable apps that are synced via DropBox. I typically tap Start and begin typing. In pre-10 versions of Windows, the executable file would appear as a search result and hitting enter would launch it. Now, when searching for executable files, only related folders or documents (such as .ini) appear in the results – no option to view the executable.

Shortcuts aren’t found, either

As mentioned above, shortcuts (i.e., pinned apps) aren’t found either when searched. For example, if I add a shortcut to ccleanerportable.exe (found in my DB folder) using the “Pin to Start” option and rename it to “CCleaner” to the Start menu, it is still not found when searched, even if I go as far as placing it in a folder that has other shortcuts that ARE showing up as results when searched (such as the Windows Accessories folder, in this case).


Even more strange is, I’m able to see that this folder location is being picked up by search after renaming the “WordPad” shortcut to “RyanWordPad”. This change was immediately picked up by the search list. Why is the “RyanWordPad” shortcut picked up as a Desktop App, but not my “CCleaner” shortcut?



There’s much feedback about this on the Feedback app, so I’m really hoping this issue gets fixed. My “workaround” for the meantime is to simply pin the apps to the start menu and click them. While it’s not what I’m used to doing, it may actually be a better option in the long run, since the icons are so close to the start button, and I no longer have to type.

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