Amazon Free App of the Day Reminder


NOTE: This project has been abandoned :-)

Link: Amazon Free Daily App Reminder

As a Kindle Fire owner, I know about Amazon’s free app of the day, which is exactly how it sounds – each day, a premium app is discounted to $0 for the duration of that day. It’s a great thing to have, and there are some pretty good apps that get discounted each day.

Most of which, I miss.

In looking for “amazon free daily app reminder” (my exact search terms, actually), I only found solutions involving apps that have to get downloaded and ran as services on your phone. I simply don’t feel an app is the best approach, since all it is, is a reminder, once per day, to go to a web page.

To make things simple, I wrote a small web site with the sole purpose of sending out a reminder email to recipients each morning with info about, and a link to, the Amazon daily free app. There’s no app to install to get the actual reminder, of course, and the link to get the app (if you’re logged into the Amazon website) will sync the app to your cloud storage, which can be downloaded to your Kindle at any time. Also, if you get sick of it, there’s one-click removal. No ads and no spam.

The site currently supports Amazon US and UK store apps. If you’re outside of these locations and would like to receive daily email reminders, drop me a line or leave a comment. Thanks for reading and hope you check it out.

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